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Funding For Financially-Strapped Companies
By Staff Writer

What can financially-strapped companies do to alleviate their on-going cash flow concerns when they can't get business credit from their bank because they are failing to meet certain debt coverage and/or credit requirements? 
There are funding options available to companies that are unable to rely on their banks because of these types of situations.

As an example, let's say that a manufacturer just got a $100,000 order from a customer but needs cash to fulfill the order? This should not be a problem, on a credit-worthy customer it is possible for the manufacturer to obtain an advance of cash on that purchase order of up to 80%-85% without the restrictions imposed by FDIC banks.

A purchase order finance company can provide the necessary funding to companies in most industries even if they were turned-down by their bank for credit. Purchase order financing along with factoring can be a funding solution for companies including startups and even certain companies with tax liens or bankruptcies. So don't be discouraged if the bank said no, give a purchase order finance company a call or click to apply online.