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10 Things You Should Never Say At A Job Interview
Submitted by Website User

A job interview can obviously be a gut-wrenching experience and can make anyone very nervous, so think before you speak, here's a tip on what not to say at a job interview:

1. Don't ask the interviewer what the company does? Be prepared!
2. Can I work from home?
3. I prefer to work alone
4. How much time can I have for lunch?
5. I prefer not to travel
6. How much vacation would I have?
7. Can you pay for my "commute to work" gas?
8. Can I work at a branch closer to my home?
9. Don't say anything negative about a former employer or co-worker
10. I just want a job!

Always be prepared before the interview, search for information on the company, what it does, how long in business. Don't compliment the interviewer on what he/she is wearing.