Invoice and Receivables Factoring For Construction Companies | Sub-Contractors

Construction Invoice Factoring

Our construction invoice/receivables factoring product can be the right solution to help free-up cash. Sub-contractors, general contractors, architects, engineers and others in the construction industry have enough on their plate with their daily objectives to deliver their project on schedule without having to worry about cash flow.

We bring a team of construction factoring specialists that understands the construction industry and the cash flow issues it faces.

Our objective is to get our clients funded quickly with customized receivables funding options that can help free the needed cash to keep the project moving forward.  Construction invoice factoring is a quick and efficient way to secure additional funding for a construction job. Invoice funding help pay for materials and labor, bid on other jobs or just meet day to day expenses. Generally advances on receivables can be as high as 80%, the 20% balance is held in a reserve account until payment of the invoice is received.

HOW CAN INVOICE AND RECEIVABLES FACTORING HELP YOUR SUB-CONTRACTING COMPANY?Construction invoice and accounts receivable factoring allow construction companies to focus on other aspects of their business from the quality of their products and services, customer service and growth, to of course sales. Factoring can provide sub-contractors and construction companies with readily available capital based on their aged accounts receivables. Let the factoring company do what they best, assuring that your cash flow continues uninterrupted by providing constant funding on receivables.

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