Distribution Factoring | Purchase Order Financing

Distribution Factoring & Purchase Order Finance

Distribution factoring and purchase order financing. We offer reliable funding options to distribution companies that include factoring and purchase order financing. In addition, we can also look at funding solutions such as accounts receivable financing - lines of credit and commercial real estate loans.

The distribution sector has had challenging times during last few years and we understand the cash flow issues that distributors are facing regularly. Our funding options offer real cash flow solutions to distributors when the banks are saying no - from factoring to receivables lines of credit and purchase order financing, our funding facilities are flexible and tailored to meet specific requirements.
Our team of decision makers work closely with distribution companies to put together the right funding option for the company.

If factoring is an option, it can allow our client to focus on what they do best, which is the quality of their product and customer service, sales and growth. Our focus would be on what we do best, assuring that our client's steady cash flow continues. With Factoring, the strengths are in your accounts receivables and the ability of the company to generate eligible sales - not time in business or financial condition. And, with factoring you are not creating debt. Used on their own or to complement each other, we offer a range of proven financial solutions to help you not only improve your cash flow but get your business moving forward. Cash to bring your business plans to life; grab new opportunities; invest in new equipment, meet payroll, meeting other expenses or simply negotiate better terms with your suppliers. Factoring is actually healthy and an essential financial tool for companies to maintain a steady cash flow. We can fund most situations, including startup businesses, certain clients with financial problems, tax liens or bankruptcies.

 We will work closely with you to put together the right factoring facility for your business. Start The Simple Process - Click Here