Factoring Referrals

Both referral sources and their clients will benefit from a relationship with Corporate Finance New York. Did you know that you can create a monthly income stream by referring your factoring clients to us?

Bankers, Attorneys, Insurance Agents, CPA's, Other Licensed Professionals, and Major Companies or Associations can capitalize on their business connections, client or member base, and get a check every month.

Are you a Professional Firm, Banker, a Company or Association with a significant client or member base that can benefit from our factoring services?

If so, Corporate Finance New York would like to enter into a referral relationship with you so that you can offer our factoring services to your business customers or members, and at the same time create for yourself an additional (and significant) income stream that can gradually grow as more and more of your business customers or members take advantage of our factoring services.

Your firm, company or association can create an additional income stream of thousands of dollars a month by simply retracting the benefits of an unrealized income potential.

Bankers are also welcome to refer their factoring turndowns that perhaps failed to meet certain FDIC criteria. We are not a bank, in most cases we can fund FDIC factoring and ABL turndowns.


The standard referral fee is 10% of the net factoring fee collected by CFNY. It is paid to the referral source every month (by the 20th of the month) for as long as the client is factoring with us and the account is in good standing. No commissions are paid on accounts that are in default. Higher commissions may be structured for high volume referral sources.

The referred transaction amounts are $750,000 ($25,000 under our private label program) minimum to $10 million maximum in monthly advances to a single client.

First, you refer your first deal. We want to see how the first deal goes before we enter into a formal agreement. However, you will be paid the standard referral fee if the deal closes.

Other conditions may apply. For additional information, please contact us via email.