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Fashion Factoring | Spring Line

Factoring and purchase order financing to help fashion designers fund their Spring Line. Are you preparing for your spring line, but still don't know where your working capital is coming from? Well, don't thing about giving part of your company away to sharks. We can help fund your purchase orders with funding options that include factoring and purchase order financing.

Our team of fashion-financial professionals are just a click or phone call away to start the simple process of funding your SPRING LINE with a whole suite of financial services tailored specifically for the fashion industry, which includes Purchase Order Finance, Accounts Receivable Financing and Factoring, combined with an application to funding process which is simple and straightforward.

Dreams and designs are what keep you up late at night. You excel at turning your dreams into themes, colors, and designs. Into plans. Into demographics. Into target markets. At night you develop brands, roll out marketing plans, attend parties and read your reviews.

During the day you visit your banker, explain all your ideas, show the large purchase orders you have, then sit and listen to their concerns about the retail sector, idle speculation about which of your potential customers may fail, the strain in the supply chain, and how they would love to help but this is not the right time for them to invest in this sector.

Afterwards you finally get hold of your overseas distributor and explain that as your bank can't help you they have to bring their outstanding account up to date and you need cash up front for future orders. Later on you find your suppliers won't get started on your new line without cash up front as their factor seems to be struggling and is not financing their new invoices.

We understand the pressures, the juggling, the time zones, and the lead times. We can finance your orders, finance your invoices, finance your exports, and finance your distributors. We can kickstart your business, help restructure your business, replace your troubled lender, and finance your growth.

Now is the time to be confident about your future. Click to start the simple process